November 2014

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  • LPG Cylinder Automatic Welding Machine During Welding Operation

    Automatic Welding Machine

    Automatic Welding Machine for LPG Cylinder Flanges ROK Teknik designs and produces automatic welding machines for LPG Cylinder Flanges. Automatic Welding Machine eases the welding process of the flange to the cylinder half for a LPG Cylinder Producer Company. With automatic MIG Welding Process, it only requires manual loading and unloading of the cylinder halves […]

  • Turkey Discover the Potential

    We truly believe in and know that, Turkey has an overall quality of material and workmanship much above the World Standards. We have the potential every cell in our blood. Turkey’s History As it is stated in, Turkey has been a hub of ideas and cultures for over 10,000 years. It has been home to Mesopotamia, […]