LPG Cylinder Body Welding Apparatus

Body Welding Machine

  • LPG Cylinder Body Welding Machine

    The LPG Cylinder Body Welding machine is a submerged arc welding (SAW) machine composed of welding automat and welding power pack. The welding automat holds the upper and lower cylinder halves horizontally and rotates them for the fixed welding head to weld. The features of the LPG Cylinder Body Welding Machine are:

    LPG Cylinder Body Welding Machine Properties

    Welding Method Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
    Welding Automat Structure Fabricated Steel
    LPG cylinder halves position in Weld Automat Horizontal
    Weld automat working style Rotating halves stationary welding head
    Loading and unloading of halves Manual by operator
    Welding Operation Automatic by operator initiation
    Halves clamping means Pneumatic cylinder
    Welding Head Linear Movement Yes
    Halves rotation by Electric motor drive
    Rotation Speed Electronically Adjustable
    Overlap of Weld Seam Adjustable
    Automatic wire feeder Yes
    Wire diameter max. 5.6 mm
    Flux Hopper Yes
    Flux recovery capability Yes
  • LPG Cylinder Body Welding Machine

    LPG Cylinder Body Welding Machine