Hydrostatic Testing

Leakage Control

  • Hydrostatic Testing Unit

    The Hydrostatic Testing Unit utilizes necessary equipment to apply and maintain the pressurized water to the cylinders. The pressure is applied for two minutes (adjustable) and any leakage is sought visually.

    A typical Hydrostatic Testing Unit has following properties (Depending on the customer request properties can be chosen differently):

    Machine Operation Type: Semi-automatic
    Test Method: Visual observation of pressured water coming out of leakages of the cylinder
    Machine Structure: Tilting Steel Constructed Frame
    Test Cylinder Capacity: 26.2 liters
    Number of Test Posts in Frame: 10
    Test pressure maximum 50 bar
    Test Pressure (Adjustable) 34
    High Pressure Testing Time 30 – 120 seconds
    Cylinder Loading&Unloading Manual

    Features of Hydrostatic Testing Machine

    Cylinder clamping by pneumatic pressure head
    Filling with low pressure water
    Filling with high pressure water
    180 degrees tilting rack
    Visual leakage inspection
    Fast water drain by using air pressure
  • LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Unit

    LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Unit