LPG Cylinder Deep Drawing Die Set

General Properties

  • LPG Cylinder Deep Drawing Die Set

    Shape of the LPG Cylinder Body is given in Deep Drawing Presses with the use of Deep Drawing Dies.

    ROK Teknik is a leading Deep Drawing Die Producer with the quality of the steel used in the production of the dies. Deep Drawing Dies are the most important compound of the LPG Cylinder Production Line.

    To maintain Deep Drawing Dies as long-lasting compounds of the production some aspects must be considered before the Production Plant is ready:

    • Purchasing the best quality steel for the die
    • Precise machining of the steel
    • Hardening process of the deep drawing die

    ROK Teknik controls the production from beginning to the end for the best quality Deep Drawing Dies.

  • LPG Production Line Deep Drawing Die Set

    LPG Production Line Deep Drawing Die Set