LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace

Heat Treatment Furnace

  • LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace

    LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace unit utilizes a direct type LPG/NG furnace with a driven conveyor system for the conveying of the cylinders. The cylinders pass through the oven from entry to exit side on the conveying system for the proper heat treatment process with preheating, heating and cooling steps.

    The oven has entry, heating zone, heat holding zone, cooling zone and exit sections. The loading and unloading is achieved automatically to charge the oven from incoming conveyor and also to unloading heat treated cylinder onto the exit side conveyor.

    • This type of furnace is capable to stress relieve and anneal any type of cylinder including industries sizes.
    • Dia: Ø300-330 mm and Height: 575-640 mm cylinders are transferred in vertical.
    • Advantage of this furnace is low energy consumption and this design suitable for automation.

    The main characteristics of the Heat Treatment Furnace Unit are:
    (Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

    Unit Heat Treatment Unit
    Function Performed Annealing of LPG Cylinders
    Operation of Unit Automatic
    Loading & Unloading Automatic
    Conveying System Type Walking Beam Push
    Conveyor Drive System Hydraulic
    Conveyor System Material Stainless AISI310
    Loading System Drive Pneumatic
    Max. Furnace Temperature 1000 C
  • LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace

    LPG Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnace