LPG Cylinder Trimming and Beading Machine

General Properties

  • LPG Cylinder Trimming and Beading Machine

    ROK Teknik produces machinery for LPG Cylinder halves to be trimmed and beaded at the same operation. Depending on the customer request, trimming die and beading die can be separated. This way with a single additional machinery, you can conform to the existing production line and increase your production numbers.

    Properties of the LPG Cylinder Trimming and Beading Machine
    (Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

    Max. work pc diameter 350 mm
    Max. work pc height 400 mm
    Min. work pc height 200 mm
    Max. material thickness 4 mm
    Spindle speed 140 rpm
    Main motor power 7.5 kW
    Hydraulic drive motor power 4 kW
    Hydraulic pressure 200 bar
  • LPG-Cylinder-Production-Trimming-and-Beading-Machine