Combined Straightener Feeder

General Properties

  • Combined Straightener Feeder

    Combined Plate Material Straightener and Feeder machine is ideal for space-saving. All operations done in one place. Sheet material is straightened and fed to the Deep Drawing Press.

    A Typical Combined Straightener Feeder has following properties (Depending on the customer request):

    Max strip width: 1200 mm
    Stock Thickness: 1.2-4.0 mm
    Feeding pinch rolls: 2
    Roll Diameters: 100 mm
    Feeding Speed: Max 65 m/min.


    Operating Voltage: 380 V AC
    Control Voltage: 24 V DC 3A max.
    Control output: Programmable 7 set of no-nc relay output (250 V AC, 5A)


    Alloyed, hardened and ground feeding rolls material
    Synchronized driving mechanism for top and bottom rolls
    Special design of bearing mechanism
    Synchronized driving mechanism for straightening rolls
    Encoder cylinder and driving mechanism
  • LPG Cylinder Forming Line Combined Straightener Feeder

    LPG Cylinder Forming Line Combined Straightener Feeder