LPG Cylinder Air Leakage Testing Unit

Air Leakage

  • LPG Cylinder Air Leakage Testing Unit

    LPG Cylinders are tested visually in case of any leakage on the welded parts or flange connections. LPG Cylinders are sunk into a pool full of water. Because it takes time to sink cylinder into water and wait for air bubbles appear, air leakage test machine is designed to test 5-10 cylinders at a time. After all cylinders are conveyed into cage, the beginning and end of the cage is closed, then cylinders are sunk into water sideways for better examination of air leakage visually.

    Properties of the Air Leakage Testing Unit
    (Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

    Min. Capacity 250 pcs LPG Cylinders / hours
    Units 12 Stations
    Test Duration 30 Seconds (Adjustable)
    Number of Operators 2
  • LPG Cylinder Production Air Leakage Testing Unit

    LPG Cylinder Production Air Leakage Testing Unit