LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Machine

Hydrostatic Testing

  • LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Unit

    LPG Cylinders are tested in hydro-static testing unit to see if there is any liquid coming out from the gaps on the welding parts or if the sheet material has some holes/cracks on it as a defect.

    Properties of the Hydrostatic Testing Unit
    (Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

    Machine Type Hydrostatic Testing
    Machine Operation Semi-Automatic
    Test Method Visual observation of pressured water coming out of leakages of the cylinder
    Machine Structure Tilting Steel Constructed Frame
    Test Cylinder Type Domestic
    Number of Test Posts in Frame 10 (adjustable)
    High Pressure Testing Time 30-120 seconds (adjustable)
  • LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Unit

    LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Unit