LPG Cylinder Painting Line

Painting Line

  • LPG Cylinder Painting Line

    LPG Cylinder Surface Coating (painting) Line utilizes an overhead conveyor system that conveys the cylinders for the primary coat paint spraying (in primary coat painting cabinet), flash off (in flash off tunnel), manual touch up paint application (in paint touch up cabinet), final coat paint spraying (in final coat painting cabinet), flash off (in second flash off tunnel), paint curing (in the paint curing oven) operations.

    Main Properties of the Painting Line
    (Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

    Capacity in one hour 250 cylinders
    Process Cycle Time for each cylinder 36 sec
    Required Curing Oven Length 24 meters (30 minutes x 0.8 mpm = 24)
    Assumed Flash off time for paint 10 minutes
    Required Flash off tunnel length 8 meters
  • LPG Cylinder Painting Line

    LPG Cylinder Painting Line