LPG Tüp Valf Sıkma

  • LPG Tüp Valf Sıkma

    LPG Cylinder Valve Screwing Machine ensures valves are screwed with a proper torque amount without any damage on valve threads. LPG Cylinder valves are mounted on cylinders in production plant. In filling plants, filling apparatuses are attached to valves to fill cylinder with gas. After production of LPG Cylinder, cylinders must pass some tests for quality and service. Some of these tests must be placed after valves are installed onto the cylinders. There are some regulations in each country for validation of the LPG Cylinder for domestic use. Most cases, in 10 years, LPG Cylinders are needed to be re-validated. Before re-validation, gas inside of the cylinder must be transferred to another container, and inner of the cylinder must be cleaned from dust and corrosion. After gas transfer valves are removed. For these filling, testing and re-validation operations, valve need to be screwed/unscrewed sometime during the life cycle of the cylinder. If valve screwing operation is done manually and without knowing the torque amount, it will be useless after a few screw/unscrew operation.

    General Properties of LPG Cylinder Valve Screwing Machine (Unscrewing Machine)

    Adjustable and controlled hydraulic torque
    Pneumatic control, hydraulic power unit
    Valve screwing/unscrewing with torque control/display on screen
    Hydraulic screwing/unscrewing on conveyor or stationary position
  • LPG Cylinder Valve Screwing

    LPG Cylinder Valve Screwing