LPG Tüp Kumlama Makinesi

  • LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

    LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is used to automatically clean the surface of the LPG cylinders by blasting of the grit material coming from the turbines of the machine in a confined chamber. The LPG cylinders get shot blasted as they pass through the blasting chamber on the base of the machine. The cylinders also get rotated on the rollers as they pass through to ensure the cleaning of the complete surface. LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine is composed of:

    1. Blasting Chamber
    2. Lower cabin with helical mover
    3. LPG Cylinder Rotation and Moving System
    4. Elevator
    5. Sift & Separator
    6. Dry Filter Unit (dust collector)

    The main characteristics of the Shot Blasting Machine are: (Note: According to the customer request, properties will change)

    Machine Type Shot Blasting Machine
    Main Structure Reinforced steel structure with high grade steel plates in main cabinet
    Input LPG Cylinder Heat treated cylinders
    Nominal Capacity 500 Cylinders per hour
    Surface Cleanness Quality Bsa2.5
    Number of Turbines 8
    Number of pallets in turbines 6
    Turbine Diameter 320 mm
    Machine Outer Width 4500 mm
    Machine Outer Length 9550 mm
    Machine Height 5400 mm

    • Shot medium, coarse particles and dust are separate
    • Driven by motor, redactor and chain drive
    • Mechanical operation of shifts


    • Motor redactor chain driven buckets
    • Made out of 4 mm thick steel
    • Completely covered bearings

    Lower Cabin:

    • Made out of steel construction
    • Motor redactor chain driven helical carriage
    • Blasting medium is led towards elevator by helical carriage

    Main Cabin:

    • Three turbines hanging on the ceiling
    • Wear resistant rubber screens at entrance and exit
    • Rotation of cylinders
    • Transfer of cylinders from input to output

    Dust Filtering Unit:

    • Filtering of dust
    • Centrifugal filtering additional
    • Water filter to convert dust to mud

    Control Panel:

    • Provides control buttons and indicators
    • High quality electric components
    • Monitoring of turbine capacities
    • Pneumatic control of turbine outputs
  • LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

    LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine