LPG Tüpün Görsel Kontrolü

  • LPG Tüpün Görsel Kontrolü

    LPG Cylinder is checked visually for any damages and lacks on cylinder body and rings. Initial segregation of cylinders for hot repair operation requirement is done here. LPG Cylinders are inspected for corrosion, dents, cuts and other damages as producer country’s norms. After that inspection, LPG Cylinders are categorized as Repairable or Rejected and to be scrapped. LPG Cylinder Visual Inspection generally covers examination of following anomalies of the cylinder:

    • BULGE: Swelling of the LPG Cylinder material of the body
    • BURN: Burn is isolated heat-affected sections (around welds) of the cylinder wall caused by electric arc or high temperature flame impingement
    • CUT: Sharp metal surface impression where metal has been removed
    • DENT: Blunt depression without the surface material penetration
    • DIG: Sharp depression without the surface material penetration
    • FIRE: Damage of the cylinder parts exposed to fire
    • GAS LEAKAGE: Escaping of gas through the cylinder
    • GENERAL CORROSION: More extensive corrosion than pit or line corrosion
    • LINE CORROSION: Corrosion in a line, not greater than a pre-determined width (for example 6 mm) wide at the surface
    • PIT: Local corrosion on the cylinder surface not more frequent within a pre-determined area (for example 500 square mm) of the surface and not more than a pre-determined width (for example 6mm)
  • LPG Cylinder Visual Inspection

    LPG Cylinder Visual Inspection