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Otomatik Kaynak Makinesi

LPG Tüp Koloretleri için Otomatik Kaynak Makinesi

ROK Teknik designs and produces automatic welding machines for LPG Cylinder Flanges. Automatic Welding Machine eases the welding process of the flange to the cylinder half for a LPG Cylinder Producer Company. With automatic MIG Welding Process, it only requires manual loading and unloading of the cylinder halves and flange. It has a start-stop button to begin-end the welding process, also an emergency button for instantly stopping the welding. Automatic welding machine is PLC controlled, so that welding time, approach speed, welding voltage is configurable. For all automatic welding apparatuses, you can check our welding products pages on LPG Cylinder Welding Line.

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